This Chinese man spends $145,000 yearly on wolves

During his spare time, Yang looks after eight different species of wolves, some of which are imported from abroad.

When I was a little kid, I would spend a couple dollars a week to buy treats for my puppy. The excitement I get from playing with my puppy was never a dull moment. I wasn’t the greatest lover of animals, but hey, at least I tried. When it comes to taking care of animals, though, this guy takes the cake.

Yang Changsheng is a 71-year-old businessman who spends more than $145,000 US dollars a year for the sole purpose of raising more than 150 wolves in a valley in northwestern China.

The Changji native who lives in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region runs a logistics company and uses the income he generates from it to subsidize the running of a wolf breeding center he created.

When interviewed him recently, he said that his family were unhappy about him spending so much time and money on his little hobby, but he had ignored their complaints and discovered the more time he spent with the wolves, the greater his love for the animals had grown.

During his spare time, Yang looks after eight different species of wolves, some of which are imported from abroad.

His affinity for the animals did not start as a kid. He developed his connection with wolves in 1998 when he became upset at seeing a female wolf housed in an iron cage with its paws tightly bound in manacles and chains at the home of his friend.

Seeing the mistreatment of the animal, he became so concerned about the wolf’s well-being that he asked his friend to open the cage so that he could loosen the wolf’s manacles and chains.

According to the report, Yang was surprised that after the wolf was released from the cage, it immediately couched down at his feet like a pet dog.

His friend later gifted Yang with the wolf and several wolf cubs born a few days earlier.

While the dangers of interacting with wolves have been well known, Yang said that he treasures the unique daily interactions he has with his wolves and is not at all concerned for his safety.

When asked if he had been bitten by a wolf, he said yes but just once with a serious injury to his arm. Still, he claimed that he was rescued immediately by a pack of wolves, which grouped together to attack the wolf that had bitten him.

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