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German photographer secretly captures the lives of North Korea’s top 1%, never mind the 99% starving North Koreans

Maybe this is all just part of North Korea's propaganda?

Adam M
Christian Petersen-Clausen, a photographer who works and lives in the People’s Republic of China, didn’t think well-to-do citizens exist in North Korea. During a 10-day visit to Pyongyang last year, he documented the lives of middle-class North Koreans in Pyongyang with photos he secretly took while on his trip. Never thought North Koreans could use...
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Everything you wanted to know about Vietnam in 8 captions

Some basic stuf to know about Vietnam.

Tracy J
Going to Vietnam for a vacay? Make sure you know at least these 8 facts! 1. Vietnam shares a land border with China to the north. 2. There are over 92 million people living in Vietnam. 3. The currency of Vietnam is called the dong. 4. Traditional culture of Vietnam involves focusing on humanity (nhân...

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