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Singaporeans are mad that an American child rapist got away with a light sentence

And they are commenting their hearts out.

Lucy G
American Joshua Robinson didn’t get the death penalty for raping two underaged individuals and owning at least 321 child pornographic material, but in a country where some aspects of the 19th century Victorian legal system prevail, it is highly unusual. According to the local Straits Times report, 39-year-old Joshua Robinson will be incarcerated for four...
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Indian person gains fame for having a Chinese name

Only in Malaysia?

Adam M
When this 30-something-year-old man put up a photo of his Malaysian identity card (MyKad), he surprised many of his fellow netizens — and so did some in the international community. If you haven’t heard, Pang Chee Pin is a Indian Malaysian national with a Chinese name, something that is apparently rather rare to the local...
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African-American who renounced US citizenship for Taiwan’s says he feels happiest there

He said he felt happiest in Taiwan.

Adam M
Who would have thought a young African-American male basketball prodigy would give up his US citizenship for Taiwan’s? Honestly, if someone mentions this to me in passing, I would have thought he or she is crazy. But here we are, analyzing and translating news stories from Asia and discovering interesting stuff in the process. Meet...
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How a white American man won the hearts of his Chinese in-laws

Overcoming the challenges his traditional Chinese family in China had for him.

How do you make your way into a tough grandmother-in-law’s good graces? That’s a question that Andrew, a white American, asked himself in China when he was serious about the Chinese girl he was seeing. “I was a young man and my Chinese girlfriend was bringing me to meet her very traditional Chinese family in China,” he recalls. “It was hate at first...
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Taiwanese man marries girl he met while stationed in Nicaragua

A Taiwan-Nicaragua love story.

Tracy J
For this Valentine’s Day week, we’re sharing the story of Hao and Edelma, a Taiwan-Nicaragua couple. During an interview with Taiwan’s FTVNews, the couple was asked these questions. What’s the first thing that came into your mind when you first met her? Hao: The first time I saw Edelma, my heart nearly stopped. I was...
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A group of 50 factories in Tianjin found to produce fake seasoning products

The report revealed that the seasoning sauces were being falsely labeled as popular brands such as Nestlé, Lee Kum Kee, and Knorr.

Tracy J
It is no surprise that mainland Chinese consumers have become accustomed to stomach-churning food scandals. Lately, a group of some 50 factories in Tianjin, China have been found to be manufacturing fake seasoning sauces and flavorings, some with illegal ingredients, the Global Times reports. The report revealed that the seasoning sauces were being falsely labeled...
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Two Australian tourists who stole a bicycle in Indonesia had to take a walk of shame like the locals do

What kind of a deal is that?

Adam M
Two Australian tourists accused of stealing a bicycle have been forced to take a walk of shame with signs saying “I am thieve (sic). Don’t do what I did,” round their necks. The couple, whose identities were not revealed, allegedly stole the bicycle about 10 days ago on Gili Trawangan, a popular tourist destination in...
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Smog has arrived in northern China again

Same old smog-filled cities?

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that it is dangerous for humans to breath in air with PM2.5 levels exceeding 25 micrograms per cubic meter over a period of 24 hours. And WHO is obviously a legit entity that we shouldn’t just ignore. Sucking in air with over 40 times the amount of harmful particulates...
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This Chinese man spends $145,000 yearly on wolves

During his spare time, Yang looks after eight different species of wolves, some of which are imported from abroad.

Tracy J
When I was a little kid, I would spend a couple dollars a week to buy treats for my puppy. The excitement I get from playing with my puppy was never a dull moment. I wasn’t the greatest lover of animals, but hey, at least I tried. When it comes to taking care of animals,...

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