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African-American who renounced US citizenship for Taiwan’s says he feels happiest there

He said he felt happiest in Taiwan.

Adam M
Who would have thought a young African-American male basketball prodigy would give up his US citizenship for Taiwan’s? Honestly, if someone mentions this to me in passing, I would have thought he or she is crazy. But here we are, analyzing and translating news stories from Asia and discovering interesting stuff in the process. Meet...
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How a white American man won the hearts of his Chinese in-laws

Overcoming the challenges his traditional Chinese family in China had for him.

How do you make your way into a tough grandmother-in-law’s good graces? That’s a question that Andrew, a white American, asked himself in China when he was serious about the Chinese girl he was seeing. “I was a young man and my Chinese girlfriend was bringing me to meet her very traditional Chinese family in China,” he recalls. “It was hate at first...
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Taiwanese man marries girl he met while stationed in Nicaragua

A Taiwan-Nicaragua love story.

Tracy J
For this Valentine’s Day week, we’re sharing the story of Hao and Edelma, a Taiwan-Nicaragua couple. During an interview with Taiwan’s FTVNews, the couple was asked these questions. What’s the first thing that came into your mind when you first met her? Hao: The first time I saw Edelma, my heart nearly stopped. I was...
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How a white American girl’s love for China made her stay

Meet Tara Clance, a Georgia native who just recently graduated from Fudan University in China.

Often times, when we aspire to learn a culture, we whine about not having enough time and resources to get it done. If we want to learn a language, we delay doing it because we don’t have a language partner to practice with. If we want to go out of the country for a long...
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Beautiful African girl marries Chinese man from the countryside

A Zimbabwe-China love story.

Tina from Zimbabwe came to the People’s Republic of China in 2014 and worked as a foreign language translator. During her time in the city of Beijing where she worked, she met Li Shitong from Henan, a bidding contractor for a construction company. Despite their language barrier, they hit it off from the start and...
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Another Chinese man from the village marries beautiful Ukrainian woman

And netizens as usual, expressed envy for the man in yet another unique interracial relationship.

Another story of a Chinese man who married a beautiful woman from Ukraine has lit up Chinese social media sites, where netizens expressed envy for the man in yet another unique interracial relationship. Chen Xuanxuan is from Henan province. He is a magician who travels around mainland China for work and it was his work...
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Chinese-Malaysian proposes to Polish girlfriend on world’s tallest bridge

A marriage proposal on the world's tallest bridge. What a beautiful love story!

Tracy J
Chinese-Malaysian Keow Wee Loong, a 28 year old photographer cum dare devil, made the news recently when he became the first to scale the world’s tallest bridge in China with a marriage proposal. And who is that lucky partner you might ask? It’s 24 year old Polish student who is studying and working in Japan....
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Here are some Filipino-Caucasian vloggers you should check out

Taking you to the Caucasian + Filipino couples and their YouTube channels!

Tracy J
Adobo Sandwich Adobo Sandwich is a YouTube channel featuring married Caucasian + Filipino American vloggers who happens to be an AMWF couple. Check ’em out today! Ray and Kale Ray and Kale are an unmarried American couple living together. They are new daily vloggers and have promised recently to be vlogging a heck lot more....

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