How a white American man won the hearts of his Chinese in-laws

Overcoming the challenges his traditional Chinese family in China had for him.

How do you make your way into a tough grandmother-in-law’s good graces?

That’s a question that Andrew, a white American, asked himself in China when he was serious about the Chinese girl he was seeing.

“I was a young man and my Chinese girlfriend was bringing me to meet her very traditional Chinese family in China,” he recalls. “It was hate at first sight as far as my grandmother-in-law was concerned.”

The rest of the family wasn’t too happy about their relationship either.

“They had been Chinese forever and here I was, a foreigner, working my way into their perfect little lives,” Andrew says. “My grandmother-in-law wants me to buy a house, think about retirement and a stable future,” Andrew explains.

“My grandmother-in-law showed up on day one and didn’t seem happy to hear that I would rather rent and enjoy life today traveling the globe with Lucy than save up for the future. She was adamant on making me promise to achieve those before I can marry Lucy — she was even angry at the stuff I bought for her,” Andrew remembers.

“I most definitely don’t want to lower my standard of living just so that I can buy a house,” says Andrew.

While the demands seem ridiculous for Andrew, the couple’s union was stronger than many thought and fortunately, Andrew was determined to give it a try, with some help from his mother.

Fast forward to today, the relationship between Andrew and his in-laws is stronger than ever.

What an enduring love story!

For more, watch the original clip below.

  • 蒋筱川

    Stay away from Chinese woman! and check your white privilege!

  • 蒋筱川

    Stop steeling our girls.

  • A romantic love story gets hated on because of the race of the people. typical.

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