How a white American girl’s love for China made her stay

Meet Tara Clance, a Georgia native who just recently graduated from Fudan University in China.

Often times, when we aspire to learn a culture, we whine about not having enough time and resources to get it done. If we want to learn a language, we delay doing it because we don’t have a language partner to practice with. If we want to go out of the country for a long period of time, we say we don’t have the money. Sometimes, all it takes is some courage to do what you want and take the road less traveled.

Meet Tara Clance, a 26-year-old Georgia native who just recently graduated from Fudan University in Shanghai, one of China’s most prestigious universities.

In several TV appearances on mainland Chinese media, Tara introduced herself to the TV hosts and wowed the audience by singing in fluent mandarin Chinese and English.

“I first came to China in 2012 with my classmates as tourists, spending about a month sightseeing,” Clance told the TV host of a Chinese variety TV show.

“When I was there, I fell in love with the incredible culture and decided to study in a Chinese university.”

In May 2013, Clance graduated from Belmont University — she double majored in International Politics and Asian Studies and double minored in Spanish and Chinese with excellent grades throughout her academic life and was in several Honors programs.

“The love for Chinese culture brought me to study Chinese Politics and Diplomacy at Fudan University’s graduate school.”

“I had intended to leave once I graduate to return home to work for the United States government but as soon as the time came, I realized how much I can’t bear to leave China. I was blown away by how much I love the culture and the people I have met. I made a personal decision to stay in China for as long as possible,” Clance told the hosts.

“China is a land of opportunities for me and it helps that I found the love of my life in this country,” Clance said.

Tara Clance met her boyfriend through a mutual friend and loves spending time together, working out and doing athletic activities.

With Tara’s growing popularity in the People’s Republic, we can’t help but figure out more about the Georgia native. A quick search on Google brought us to an old video of her singing “Country Girl” in Calhoun, Tennessee. We soon learned that she started singing country music at a young age of 3 and enjoys doing community service.

For a fully translated version of her recent TV appearance on a Chinese variety show, check out the video below.

UPDATE: Since the publication of our article, we have been told that Tara Clance is not a Tennessee native. This article has been updated to reflect her Georgia origin. We are happy to make this clear.

  • SadLeser

    How to become popular in China: Be Western, don’t be fat, learn the language.

    Applies to both men and women. I’ve seen all kinds of Westerners on Chinese television portrayed as desirable and good-looking. White people sure are lucky to be born white.

    • Deòiridh

      Learning Chinese is extremely diffucult for a Westerner. It is a huge archievement to become fluent in Chinese, so please don’t reduce this lady’s fame to her skin colour.

      • Jimmy

        Right on! SadLeser: Take your ignorance somewhere else.

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