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This heartbreaking new video shows the real effects of xenophobia

It works the same for any marginalized group, like people living with disabilities, LGBTQ people, or people from certain religions.

Tracy J
Welcoming expats — or lack thereof — has consequences. And when minorities can’t see themselves as permanent fixtures in the country because their stories are considered less ‘local’, it takes its toll in real ways. It works the same for any marginalized group, like people living with disabilities, LGBTQ people, or people from certain religions....
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A bomb went off in Thailand’s restive south and two people were killed

Separatist insurgents in Thailand's southernmost provinces continue to induce chaos and violence.

Two people were killed in southern Thailand violence-plagued south after a bomb they were transporting prematurely exploded, the military said on Thursday. Since 2004, about 6, 800 people have been killed in that chaotic area. News of their deaths came after yet anmother night of violence across districts in three of Thailand’s southern-most provinces near...
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Good Samaritans in Singapore defend white immigrant from harassment

The white immigrant was being sexually harassed by a subway passenger in Singapore when two other passengers came to their defense — and the interaction...

Adam M
A video recently uploaded to YouTube depicts two random passengers jumping to a white male’s defense in a Singapore subway — so it’s easy to see why it has gone viral. The white male passenger who was with a female friend were being assaulted by a rider who appears to be a gay man when...
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Singaporeans are mad that an American child rapist got away with a light sentence

And they are commenting their hearts out.

Lucy G
American Joshua Robinson didn’t get the death penalty for raping two underaged individuals and owning at least 321 child pornographic material, but in a country where some aspects of the 19th century Victorian legal system prevail, it is highly unusual. According to the local Straits Times report, 39-year-old Joshua Robinson will be incarcerated for four...
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A group of 50 factories in Tianjin found to produce fake seasoning products

The report revealed that the seasoning sauces were being falsely labeled as popular brands such as Nestlé, Lee Kum Kee, and Knorr.

Tracy J
It is no surprise that mainland Chinese consumers have become accustomed to stomach-churning food scandals. Lately, a group of some 50 factories in Tianjin, China have been found to be manufacturing fake seasoning sauces and flavorings, some with illegal ingredients, the Global Times reports. The report revealed that the seasoning sauces were being falsely labeled...
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Robbery suspect arrested in shooting death of Chinese citizen

The suspect, 21 year old Kenia Lashan Wilkins, has since been charged with capital murder.

Adam M
In Houston, Texas, authorities have arrested a black American woman suspected of killing a Chinese citizen on December 26, 2016. The Chinese Consulate involved in this case found that the apartment Meng Bo lived is owned by PetroChina, a Chinese multinational oil and gas company with a Houston subsidiary, and has confirmed that Bo is...
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This Chinese exchange student was killed by train while chasing after muggers

It was suggested that the student was hit by a moving train while trying to run after thieves who had stolen her bag.

Tracy J
On Friday evening at Tor Sapienza in the capital of Italy, the body of a 21-year-old Chinese Fine Arts student was found dead. The student, a daughter of a businessman from Hohhot, Inner Mongolian city in Northern China, who had come to Rome to study at the Academy of Fine Art; reportedly disappeared on Monday...

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